Famous Percussionists

Rony Barrak

Internationally renowned Lebanese percussionist and composer Rony Barrak held his Darbouka (Middle Eastern tabla) at the tender age of four and began playing it intuitively.

Tony Anka

Tony Anka Ph.D in Musicology, known as the magic percussionist of Arabic music, is one of the world's leading “darbuka” players maintaining a unique style, where he blends Eastern and Western flavo

Souhail Kaspar

Grammy-nominated Master Percussionist, Souhail Kaspar, is known worldwide for his brilliant technique, exciting performances, and one-of-a-kind teaching skills.

Elie Fakih

Darbuka -(Tabla)-Teacher at The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, and Composer Of 'Manhaj Al Ikaa Al Sharki - Tabla' a